“If you’re looking for professionalism and creativeness topped up with speedy responses, then Motion Editing are who you’ll want to work with. Whether it’s content creation, community management or brand development, they’re knowledgeable in all three areas”. 

Ruta Juseviciute | Head of Marketing | Showaround (Global travel app)


“Motion Editing were amazing with their work for me. They really knew what I wanted and the style of their work was really in sync with this project. Thanks so much and definitely will use their services again”.

Anna Dobrincic | Director | The Secret Zone (Self-help website)


“Working with Motion Editing was like hiring a full marketing agency at a fraction of the cost. They have a lot of skills and know how to deliver results”.

Ian Jordan | Founder | Sleep of dreams


“Great guy to work with. Easily understood my brief and got to work quickly”.

David Weaver | Director | Vintage Trading Solutions


“Motion Editing are great to work with and communicate easily to really get what you’re needing. Their work was timely and effective”.

Natalie Sissions | CEO | Suitcase Entrepreneur


“Good guidance and feedback on topic and on point”.

Jakob Futorjanski | Director | Neuro Nation


“Helped our production company get off the ground with a really focused marketing campaign. I have 5 X the number of customers contacting me now”.

Ben Holden | Creative Director | Fleetfoot Studios


“A content marketer that offers a personalised service we try and use them whenever possible”.

Jack Levy | Creative Director | Jack the Lad Films

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